Bristol/London duo Juke Jaxon is made up of Jack Moore and Ben Hawthorne. The two have only released one single as of yet, but it’s gaining attention in all the right places. Juke Jaxon’s “Memory Man” is a soulful Indie Rock track that is reminiscent of early Kings of Leon work. The song blends resonant chords and smashing percussions with powerful vocals to form a hit that will leave you wanting more.

Juke Jaxon Memory Man

The Indie Soul duo met on the London Underground in 2014 and discovered a mutual musical interest. Juke Jaxon have just recently released a music video for “Memory Man,” and a link to the video is provided below. The duo are said to be releasing new music in the near future. If “Memory Man” is any indicator of what’s to come, we can be sure that Juke Jaxon will be featured on this site and many others in the near future.

Check out the Brand New Music Video for Memory Man Here

CLICK HERE to Purchase “Memory Man” on iTunes

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