SKIES are an Electronic Indie trio out of Adelaide, Australia. The three produce Synth-Pop tracks with head-bobbing rhythms and truly expressive vocals that will take you into another dimension. “Speed Boy” doesn’t hold back, reeling you in with infectious rhythms, punching percussions, and soulful, high-pitched vocals.

Skies Speed Boy

SKIES is made up of Dusty Lee (Vocals / Guitar), Micah Cearns (Production / Keys), and Michael Zabolocki (Production / Bass / Keys). The trio had a great 2015, winning ‘Best New Artist’ at the South Australian Music Awards while also supporting artists like SAFIA, Peking Duk, and more.  SKIES released their self titled EP last year. We are excited to see what they have in store for us in the near future. For now, we know that they have plans to tour the UK later this year. Hopefully that will come with some more hits like “Speed Boy.” Purchase “Speed Boy” and stream more from SKIES using the links provided below.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Speed Boy on iTunes

CLICK HERE for More Music from SKIES


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