Foreign/National is made up of five guys from Melbourne who produce Psychedelic Indie-Rock tracks that fuse sounds of Rock, Pop, and Jazz into a sound that is all their own. Their new song “Tristesse” veers slightly from the group’s original sound to include elements of Disco/Funk that one might expect from Nile Rogers. Foreign/National describe the track as “sad-disco,” and this couldn’t be much more accurate. While the music is catchy and upbeat, the lyrics are melancholic,  expressing the “flutters and failures of a long-distance fling.”

Foreign National Tristesse The five guys who make up Foreign National are Mark, Rhys, Sean, Tom, and Sam. Together, they released a self-titled EP in 2014 as well as multiple acclaimed singles in 2015. “Tristesse” is the first release in 2016, so hopefully they will have some more tracks up their sleeves to show us in the near future. Check out more of their music on SoundCloud and purchase “Tristesse” on iTunes using the links provided below.

CLICK HERE to Purchase “Tristesse” on iTunes

CLICK HERE for More Music from Foreign/National

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