Saavan is an Electronic production duo from Paris, France. “Escape” is brought to us from Yunizon Records, and the track is both powerful and soothing, incorporating ambient synths and finger-snaps along with strong percussions. The lyrics are simple and easily relatable, expressing the desire hold on to youth and the spirit of adventure. Hit the play button and let the production of “Escape” take you to a more relaxing reality.Saavan Escape The Parisian duo Saavan have released many tracks, and many have them have been played hundreds of thousands of times. “Escape” was released only hours ago today, April 14, 2016. The lyrcis “Hey now, I don’t want to grow old. Don’t know how I could escape and go” express a feeling that everyone has experienced one time another. Not much information is available regarding the Electronic duo. We just hope they keep the feel-good tracks coming.

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