Yoke Lore is the product of Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, & yoga instructor Adrian Galvin. “Hold Me Down” is the second track released by the multi-talented Adrian as Yoke Lore. Integrating elements of pop, indie, & folk along with some electronic production, “Hold Me Down” delivers a unique and infectious sound that shouldn’t be ignored.

yoke lore hold me down

Adrian Galvin, who was previously in a duo called Yellerkin, has been delving into his artistic background lately. His mother a director and his father an actor and sculptor, Adrian was born to be an artist. Aside from producing music, he also teaches Taoist Yoga and cofounded his own dance company in New York called Boomerang. Adrian describes Yoke Lore as such:

“Yoke Lore is a technique of telling stories about how we are bound to one another and how we are bound to ourselves.The value of anything can be measured in how it connects to its various counterparts. Heavy Love deals with the weight that those relationships sometimes come with, but this is only one story among many that will make up the mythology of Yoke Lore.”

Adrian is releasing the first EP from Yoke Lore, titled Far Shore, on May 6, 2016. You can preorder your copy and also stream his first release “Heavy Love” using the links provided below!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Far Shore on iTunes

CLICK HERE for More Music from Yoke Lore

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