Henry Chadwick Alright Interview

Henry Chadwick was featured recently on Low Flying Birds for his debut single “Alright.” Chadwick just recently released a music video for “Alright” which is featured below. The musician (and aspiring wizard) from Santa Cruz was able to sit down and answer some questions for us so that we could get to know him a little better. Read on for the interview of Henry Chadwick and check out the music video below!

What made you decide to pursue music as a career?

It’s just always been what makes me tick. Music makes me happy, so naturally I want to be making it as much as possible. It’s better than a stick in the eye so to speak. Most things probably are though, I assume.

We know that you get inspiration from older bands like The Beatles, Nirvana, & David Bowie. What current artists inspire your music?

I’ve been getting into an array of new and current artists. Lately bands like Cage The Elephant, Mac Demarco, Wand, Arctic Monkeys, FIDLAR, The Strokes, Ty Segal, The Vines, Wavves, White Reaper, The Wombats,The Shins, Jaguar Ma, Weezer, Surfer Blood, Queens Of The Stone Age, Ben Kweller and many, many more have been tickling my fancy. Kendrick Lamar is good. I like what Courtney Barnett is doing. Also, it’s hard to deny Katy Perry. ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘Roar’ still find their way into my headphones fairly frequently. Great songs. That one Kurt Vile song about the days of the week is pretty good.

If you could play a concert with any artists, who would it be & why?

Well my childhood heroes were Green Day. That would be a bucket list band for sure.

“Alright” is your first release as a solo artist, do you prefer to work solo or with a band?

There are things I like about both. I like the freedom involved in the solo thing. You can sort of go wherever you want creatively. I also like the group aspect and live show dynamics of being in a band. Its all about balance.

Guest at Home is your upcoming EP, how many tracks can we expect to hear? Will they have a similar feel to “Alright”?

We can expect 5 songs. Each song has it’s own feel and vibe but I’d like to think there is a thread that ties them all together. Maybe even a couple of threads.

What else can we expect from Henry Chadwick in the future?

I just shot a music video for ‘Alright’ which is up on those interwebs as we speak. I’m planning on shooting another coming up. I’m always writing and have some songs ready to record, so we can expect more music. Looking forward to jumping back in the old studio and also playing shows. All the stuff that music people do. Probably shouldn’t expect a painting or sculpture. My fine motor skills are atrocious. Maybe though.

If you were to tour the world with a few select famous artists, who do you think you would get along with best/worst?

I feel like Axl Rose wouldn’t like me. Slash seems cool though. Tenacious D would certainly be an epic hang. Maybe Jimmy Buffett also. Although our music is nothing alike, something tells me he’d be a fun guy to grab a cheeseburger and a margarita with.

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow?

Buy more lottery tickets. Double or nothing.

If you could play a concert anywhere in the world (not just concert venues, I’m talking billion-dollar yacht, Stone Henge, The White House, Anywhere), where would you want to play?

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’m still waiting for my letter of acceptance. I think it must have gotten lost in the mail when I was 11 and thus, I was forced to live the life of a muggle. So If I were to play there, maybe I could talk them into giving me a late-in-life education, or at least teach me how to apparate. That’s all I want really.

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself, what advice would you give your younger-self?

You’re a wizard Henry.


Henry Chadwick’s EP will be released soon, featuring five full tracks which included “Alright.” Check out the new music video from Henry Chadwick and stream “Alright” below!

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