Hit play on this song and you’ll be transported to the most nostalgically fun time of your life. The Wild Wild is Santa Cruz based Benjamin Dunn. Dunn has been a bit of a wanderer, born in Illinois and taking his music to New Orleans, the forests of Pennsylvania, and multiple California cities. “When We Were Young” is an airy celebration of youth and exuberance that will take you back to the best times of your life.

Wild Wild When We Were Young

Benjamin Dunn released a self-titled EP in 2014 and has been active in the music industry under different guises, such as Benjamin Dunn & the Animal Orchestra and Benjamin Dunn & Friends. “When We Were Young” is part of a recently released EP titled Kids; however, the song can be traced back to 2013 under the name Benjamin Dunn & The Animal Orchestra. The track has evolved since then and has come a long way, gaining hundreds of thousands of plays on social sound platforms like Spotify.  Kids is the first EP released by Dunn as The Wild Wild under a major label. With a sound that is reminiscent of The Mowgli’s, Dunn as The Wild Wild is sure have a summer hit on his hands with “When We Were Young.” Purchase The Wild Wild’s EP Kids on iTunes using the link provided below!

CLICK HERE to Purchase The Wild Wild’s EP Kids on iTunes

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