The Royal Foundry is an Electro-Alt-Pop duo from Alrberta, Canada made up of married couple Jared and Beth Salte. Together, they create sanguine pop rhythms that incorporate alternative and folk concepts. The result is “Start this Fire,” an infectious and inspirational musical experience. “Start this Fire” will reel you in with catchy hand claps and folky vocals, and it quickly turns into a foot stomping and harmonious folk-pop anthem.
Royal Foundry Start Fire

This is only the second single released by the duo, and they have already received some very positive attention. There is no doubt that this is an exciting time for Jared and Beth. Not only has their recently released single “Start this Fire” been licensed for a spot in a Purina commercial, but they also just played at the renowned SXSW music festival. Things are definitely looking up for this musical couple. Support The Royal Foundry by visiting their website and purchasing “Start this Fire” on iTunes using the links provided below!

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