Los Angeles based OYLS is an electronic duo made up of members David Kirshenbaum and Michael Lipp. Hit play on “Maps” and you’ll think Bon Iver and Capital Cities had a baby and named it OYLS. While you relish in taking in the snappy rhythms and reassuring lyrics, the song will take you to new heights with its inspirational horn-backed chorus.

oyls maps

The two come have come a long way from their respective pasts. David Kirshenbaum was a corporate consultant while Michael Lipp was a strip-club DJ. After leaving these stepping stones in their past, David and Michael formed OYLS. The two have created a relatable experience with “Maps,” capturing the tumultuous time of post-college life. The song provokes the thought of overcoming uncertainty and failure with the simple yet upbeat notion that “it’s alright.”

Michael Lipp describes the lyrics of “Maps” perfectly here: “The lyrics came about through reflections during this post college transition time. And “its alright” kept coming up in my self talk and characterized the time in my life with a lot of complexity. As a mantra that sometimes was doubt, reassurance, repression, acceptance.”

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