If this new single from The Island Club doesn’t get you ready for Summer then I don’t know what will. Brighton’s The Island Club is a five-piece band that produces vibrant Indie Rock/Pop music. “Let Go” was released only days ago. The new single combines tropical synths, bright electric guitar licks, smooth bass lines, and light vocals into one infectious track that is sure to shed some light on your day.

The Island Club Let Go


The Island Club is made up of lead vocalist Michael, lead guitarist Julien, bassist David, Sam on the drums, and Barney on the synthesizer. The five-piece formed in late 2014 and has released 3 singles in the past year that each feature their own vibe. “Paper Kiss” is another catchy Indie Rock/Pop track similar to “Let Go” while “Sober” is a little bit dreamier. Support The Island Club by purchasing “Let Go” on iTunes and hear more music from the group using the links provided below!

CLICK HERE to Purchase “Let Go” on iTunes

CLICK HERE for More Music from The Island Club



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