We often get asked by viewers and artists alike where we find the newest Indie/Electronic/Rock tracks and artists. We go through a lot of sources before finding a track and featuring it. There are tons of music blogs out there, and we have only begun to find ones that we want to visit daily. So here, we are going to list our favorites with a short explanation of why we like each one.

  • SoundCloud

    • Every song on our site is streamed through SoundCloud. Without them, we couldn’t share these tracks as easily as we do.  There are a couple of SoundCloud profiles that we follow that share music similar to ours, which include Melodic, Indie Waves, IndieCentralMusic, and It’s Forever Kids. While we love SoundCloud and the services they provide, more and more tracks are only becoming available with the paid subscription service, SoundCloud Go. Luckily, most of the new indie artists that we feature do not have this requirement. So until the time comes when all songs require the subscription, we’ll continue to share our favorite new artists through the SoundCloud platform.

  • IndieShuffle
    • IndieShuffle would be our Number 1 if we didn’t share all of our tracks through SoundCloud. So many artists and tracks that we share are inspired from the music shared on IndieShuffle. Not only is the music we share similar in taste, but they post great new songs on a daily basis.  The music shared on IndieShuffle is not limited by genre either. They will post anything from hip-hop to electronic, as long as they believe track is great. Each track gets a short description that is just enough information to keep reader’s interest. The layout of the blog is simple, yet technical enough to impress users without over complicating the experience. In our opinion, IndieShuffle is the gold-standard for an indie music blog.

  • Hype Machine
    • Another big name, but HypeMachine compiles songs from hundreds of music blogs (including IndieShuffle) and shares them using music blogs’ RSS feed. Music blogs must be approved before they are added to HypeMachine’s lineup, so not just any blog can get on there. We sift through HypeMachine whenever we can, but sometimes the volume of tracks is overwhelming. By no means is this a bad thing for listeners. More songs means more opportunities to find brand new artists you like. For a blogger, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to sift through the amount of new music shared daily on this platform.

  • Indietronica
    • Indietronica is a smaller music blog compared to the likes of SoundCloud and HypeMachine, yet it always posts quality music content. The music shared on Indietronica is similar to ours, frequently including indie and electronic genres. They will typically post one or two tracks per day, sometimes leaving a day or two in between. This is a great blog to actually subscribe to, as you will not get pummeled with emails, and you will likely be happy with the one or two you get per day. The layout of Indietronica is modern yet simple and doesn’t currently allow ads, so visiting the site is a personal experience that you’re sure to enjoy. Indietronica was also recently listen in the Top 100 Music Blogs on the Web by FeedSpot.

  • The Line of Best Fit
    • The Line of Best Fit is another awesome music source that we frequent for great Indie tracks. The site offers News, Album Reviews, and even has a Photos section that showcases cool photos of artists performing at gigs and festivals. In addition to posting great new tracks on a regular basis, Best Fit also shares interesting articles relating to both music and photography. We like to check out their album reviews to find some of their favorite tracks on new albums and even discover new artists all together.

  • This Song is Sick
    • This Song is Sick is a reliable source for great new hip-hop and electronic music. Their site is growing and has been releasing quality material for 6 or seven years now. While LowFlyingBirds will typically veer away from  posting remixes, This Song is Sick is a great place to find some of the freshest remixes that you will actually want to hear. The site has cool functions that allow users to get email updates on premieres and local shows and also has a portal for artists to submit their own songs.

  • Indie Current
    • IndieCurrent is one of our favorite music sources. Other than the great rock and electronic tunes they share, the site itself is clean, modern, and pretty enjoyable from the listener’s standpoint. Indie Current posts new music as well as relevant artist news that is interesting to read over in your spare time. The site also has a section dedicated solely to Live music, so if you’re interested in how an artist sounds outside of the studio, this a great place to check it out.

  •  PitchFork
    • This wouldn’t be a true ‘best music blog’ without the one and only Pitchfork. Pitchfork has become one of the most popular and successful music blogs out there, so there probably isn’t much need to describe them here. While new music is a great function of their site, entertainment news might be the most interesting – almost addicting – offerings on the page. Users will find the top trending news here ranging from new albums to politics.

We hope you enjoyed this list and found it useful. New Music Blogs referrals are always welcome so feel free to drop a comment here with your favorite site that we may have missed here!

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