“Dreaming Of” is the most recent single off ISLAND’s upcoming EP “A Place You Like.” ISLAND is an Indie Rock quartet based out of London.

“Dreaming Of” starts off slow with dreamy guitar riffs and smooth vocals, and progressively grows more and intricate and powerful. Hypnotic hooks separate this track from other Indie Rock/Pop sounds that we’ve heard lately.


ISLAND is yet to be signed to a label, but if “Dreaming Of” is any signal for the vibe of their upcoming EP, we’re willing to bet it will be the last unsigned EP they release. ISLAND has released a few songs already for the EP which is due to release on February 3, 2017. The Indie Rock quartet will be touring the UK in the coming months and will be headlining a show in London on May 3.


ISLAND Tour Dates


Check out ISLAND’s official website below which provides links to all of its Social Media profiles as well as concert ticket information.

Click Here to check out ISLAND’s Official Website



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