“Grace” is likely the last song to come out before the release of Fenech-Soler’s new album ZILLA, which is due out on February 3, 2017. 

While many Fenech-Soler tracks are full of bright Pop and Electronic rhythms, “Grace” is more of an electronic ballad. MixMag premiered “Grace” earlier today and described the song as an epic set piece, one that’s been a highlight of their recent live shows. After hearing the song, it’s not hard to imagine a crowd really feeling this set. The two Electo-Pop producers are currently touring to promote the release of ZILLA and will be performing in LA tomorrow night (February 1, 2017) before they head back to the UK  to continue their tour.


Fenech-Soler have an awesome backstory that’s worth reading about if you’re not familiar with the Duffy brothers. In addition to reading up on the two, newcomers to Fenech-Soler should also listen to some of their most famous tracks, such as “Demons,” “Last Forever,” and “Kaleidoscope” to get a good idea of the duo’s sound.

Click the image below to find out more about Fenech-Soler’s upcoming album, ZILLA.


ZILLA is released this Friday, so make sure to use the link below to hear it first!

Click Here to Purchase or Stream ZILLA


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