Perth duo Sun City have released their third single from their upcoming album Daytona EP with “In My Skin Again.” The track features the tropical sound we’ve come to know from Sun City along with a electro-chill vibe that will make you feel like you’re at a rooftop pool bar in the middle of summer. 

Sun City In My Skin Again

Acid Stag quotes Sun City on the lyrics of the song saying ““The lyrics tell the familiar story about that one person who has the ability to cast a hypnotic spell on you – despite all rationality and logic – just at the sight of their face. No matter how much water is under the bridge, it will always be just that; water under the bridge, and then you’re right back there where you started. Which is maybe where you wanted to be anyway.” – Sun City”

We’ve been listening to Sun City for a few years. The duo’s describes their music by simply stating “We make really happy music,” and it couldn’t be more true. Those unfamiliar with Sun City should check out some of their older tracks like “High,” “The Follower,” and “Set Alight.”

As “In My Skin Again” is the third release from the upcoming album release, listeners should also check out “Castaway (ft. Yeo)” and “Wake Up” to get a good preview of Daytona EP. 

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