“Mexican Jackpot” is a single from Flagship’s upcoming album The Electric Man. You’ll notice some down-tempo synths paired with bright electric guitar riffs as the track progresses into it’s full blown Indie Rock chorus. 


Drake Margolnick (vocals, guitar) and Michael Finster (drums) make up Flagship, a Charlotte based Indie Rock duo. We’ve been listening to Flagship for a few years, reeled in by their catchy track “Life Underwater” years ago and following ever since.

Flagship recently released a music video for “Mexican Jackpot.” Check it out below:

Their upcoming album The Electric Man is due to be released on March 10, 2017, and we cannot wait to see what this duo has in store for us.

Flagship Electric Man

Click here to check out Flagship’s official website for new music announcements and important updates.

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