“Pretty Way to Fight” is the latest release from Little Rock, AR natives, Knox Hamilton. Alternative Rock riffs, catchy vocals, and 80’s synths make this song an instant upbeat standout. 

This track has everything a good single needs: catchy rhythms and vocals, booming Alt Rock riffs, and even some 80’s synths to give you that nostalgic feeling of rock & roll bliss. It’s energetic in all the right ways and we can’t stop hitting replay on this one. According to band member Boots Copeland, the song was actually written after their album had been finished. Their label liked it so much that they made it a priority to add it to the already finished album anyway.


Knox Hamilton


Knox Hamilton is no stranger to the Indie Rock scene. Their single “Work it Out” was featured on many local and satellite radio stations and has almost 6 million plays on Spotify. The group is made up of brothers Cobo and Boots Copeland and Drew Buffington. While the band officially calls their hometown Little Rock, AR, Cobo and Boots Copeland are actually from Texas and Drew is from Wyoming.


Knox Hamilton 2017

The group got the name Knox Hamilton when they were shopping at a thrift store and found an old yearbook which contained the photo of a real guy named Knox Hamilton. They thought the guy was bad ass and the name was cool, and the rest is history. 

“Pretty Way to Fight” is the latest track to be released from their upcoming album The Heights, which is due out on March 10, 2017. The band has released a few tracks from The Heights in the past few months, specifically “Never My Love” and “Washed up Together,” which is still being featured on radio stations like Sirius XM’s Alt Nation , has already generated multiple remixed versions, and has blown past a million plays on Spotify already.

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Knox Hamilton Live in Vancouver

There’s no telling how far this Indie Rock group will take their success, and we think the release of The Heights is only the beginning. Look out for The Heights to be released on March 10, click here to preorder the upcoming album.



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