Liverpool Indie Rock four-piece SPINN has released their third single with “Home.” Bright indie guitar riffs and warm tones bathe this track in sunlight to transport you to the nearest beach. 

SPNN is made up of Jonathon Quinn (guitar and vocals), Andy Power (lead guitarist),  Sean McLachlan (bassist), and George Whitehead (drummer). The four officially became SPINN in 2015. Together they have released three solid Indie Rock/Pop tracks that will certainly pave the way to an exciting future for the group.



Fans of Daywave should find “Home” to be a familiar, albeit more upbeat, sound. Simple, yet warm lyrics accent the soothing musical tones throughout this song. Having listened to SPINN’s previous two tracks, it is notable to say that “Home” has more of a Pop vibe compared to the others, which have more of an Indie-Rock sound.



The sounds of their three tracks are not completely different, and would certainly compliment each other on an EP, which we hope will come soon!

Fans of “Home” should check out “Green Eyes” and “Bliss” on their SoundCloud Page.

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