Bristol trio BOA have just released a new track called “Steal It” that simultaneously meshes catchy rhythms, soulful vocals, and tropical guitar grooves. 

Lead singer Hugh Reilly-Smith explains, ‘‘When listening we want people to feel the intensity of young unrequited love. Everyone can relate to falling for someone they view as so perfect, that they become unattainable. ’Steal It’ is a song about putting that person on a pedestal and mirroring everything they do, especially the darker things, in a vain attempt to win them over.


BOA 2017


BOA have released four original tracks to date. One of their previous tracks, “Right Place Right Time,” has racked up close to a million plays on Spotify. Composing tracks that are full of harmonious melodies and bright vibes, BOA is the perfect new artist to add to your Summer time playlist. Reilly Smith states, “Our music is about endless summer days, lost love and being in the moment. We want to keep on capturing that.”


The trio is getting fans more and more excited with the release of “Steal It,” and we can only hope that a full length EP is soon to come. If you want to keep up with BOA’s releases or check out some of their older tracks like “Right Place Right Time,” check out their SoundCloud page Here.


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