Sydney based artist known as Mammals released a new track recently that we are excited to share. “Chase Your Bliss” is an Indie-Chill track with driving bass lines, fluid synths, and head-bobbing rhythms that is sure to get your day going.

Guy Brown is the lead voice behind the artist called Mammals. The band has been producing music since 2011, with tracks such as “Move Slower,” “Circles”, and “Depraved” giving the artist momentum into the spotlight. Many of Mammals’ tracks have hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, with a few breaking three million plays. It’s no surprise that we were instantly drawn to “Chase Your Bliss” with a track record like that.


“Chase Your Bliss” is reportedly the first single of an upcoming 6-track EP to be released from the Australian producer. Mammals is in for a big year as they will also be touring with Australia’s Vera Blue on her national tour throughout April. We’ll be following this artist’s releases and sharing new tracks to keep you up to date.


Check out Mammals’ SoundCloud page Here to hear more of their tracks!


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