New Music

The Royal Foundry – Start This Fire

royal foundry start this fire

The Royal Foundry is an Electro-Alt-Pop duo from Alrberta, Canada made up of married couple Jared and Beth Salte. Together, they create sanguine pop rhythms that incorporate alternative and folk concepts. The result is “Start this Fire,” an infectious and inspirational musical experience. “Start this Fire” will reel you in with catchy hand claps and folky vocals, and it quickly turns into a foot stomping and harmonious folk-pop anthem.
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New Music

ELEL – Animal

ELEL Animal

It’s great to see ELEL is releasing new music. The seven-piece group is based out of Nashville, but its members are from all over the U.S. ELEL found acclaim with their releases of “Kiss Kiss” and “40 Watt” last year. Since then, listeners have been anxiously awaiting what was to come from this band, and “Animal” does not disappoint. “Animal” brings out the good vibes along with the trademark catchy-experimental sound that ELEL listeners have come to know.

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New Music

The Wild Wild – When We Were Young

Wild Wild When We Were Young

Hit play on this song and you’ll be transported to the most nostalgically fun time of your life. The Wild Wild is Santa Cruz based Benjamin Dunn. Dunn has been a bit of a wanderer, born in Illinois and taking his music to New Orleans, the forests of Pennsylvania, and multiple California cities. “When We Were Young” is an airy celebration of youth and exuberance that will take you back to the best times of your life.

Wild Wild When We Were Young




Henry Chadwick Alright

Henry Chadwick Alright Interview

Henry Chadwick was featured recently on Low Flying Birds for his debut single “Alright.” Chadwick just recently released a music video for “Alright” which is featured below. The musician (and aspiring wizard) from Santa Cruz was able to sit down and answer some questions for us so that we could get to know him a little better. Read on for the interview of Henry Chadwick and check out the music video below!


New Music

Yoke Lore – Hold Me Down

yoke lore hold me down

Yoke Lore is the product of Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, & yoga instructor Adrian Galvin. “Hold Me Down” is the second track released by the multi-talented Adrian as Yoke Lore. Integrating elements of pop, indie, & folk along with some electronic production, “Hold Me Down” delivers a unique and infectious sound that shouldn’t be ignored.

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New Music

Saavan – Escape

Saavan Escape

Saavan is an Electronic production duo from Paris, France. “Escape” is brought to us from Yunizon Records, and the track is both powerful and soothing, incorporating ambient synths and finger-snaps along with strong percussions. The lyrics are simple and easily relatable, expressing the desire hold on to youth and the spirit of adventure. Hit the play button and let the production of “Escape” take you to a more relaxing reality.Saavan Escape (more…)

New Music

Foreign/National – Tristesse

Foreign National Tristesse

Foreign/National is made up of five guys from Melbourne who produce Psychedelic Indie-Rock tracks that fuse sounds of Rock, Pop, and Jazz into a sound that is all their own. Their new song “Tristesse” veers slightly from the group’s original sound to include elements of Disco/Funk that one might expect from Nile Rogers. Foreign/National describe the track as “sad-disco,” and this couldn’t be much more accurate. While the music is catchy and upbeat, the lyrics are melancholic,  expressing the “flutters and failures of a long-distance fling.”

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New Music

Juke Jaxon – Memory Man

Juke Jaxon Memory Man

Bristol/London duo Juke Jaxon is made up of Jack Moore and Ben Hawthorne. The two have only released one single as of yet, but it’s gaining attention in all the right places. Juke Jaxon’s “Memory Man” is a soulful Indie Rock track that is reminiscent of early Kings of Leon work. The song blends resonant chords and smashing percussions with powerful vocals to form a hit that will leave you wanting more.

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New Music

SKIES – Speed Boy

SKIES are an Electronic Indie trio out of Adelaide, Australia. The three produce Synth-Pop tracks with head-bobbing rhythms and truly expressive vocals that will take you into another dimension. “Speed Boy” doesn’t hold back, reeling you in with infectious rhythms, punching percussions, and soulful, high-pitched vocals.

Skies Speed Boy


New Music

Terence Jack – Eastern Rise

Terence Jack is an Indie Rock musician out of Vancouver. As soon as you hit play on “Eastern Rise,” you will feel like you are at a live performance. Straight Indie-Rock with Classic Rock elements give Terence Jack and “Eastern Rise” that raw, modern Alternative Rock sound that has become hard to find lately.

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